Why Today’s ISWH Partnership News is Such a Big Deal

For shareholders in ISWH, playing the waiting game for some sort of serious “turnaround” scenario to get real traction has not been a winning idea over the past couple years. But there’s a real chance that the tide is finally turning in a big way.

The stock has been ground down to a sliver of its former value on a long slope of “almost” and “nearly” in terms of overall corporate results. But the past two quarters – and once could stretch a case and say the past four quarters – have been a decidedly different story, with rapidly accelerating revenue growth and a new trend of profitability on an operating basis.

The most important point to make about this stock right now is that it is achieving all of this success without much help from arguably its most explosive line of business: the P19 CBD products segment. But, it looks like that’s about to change as well.

It’s a bit like when Wesley squared off in his famous cliff-edge sword fight opposite Inigo Montoya in the 1987 classic, The Princess Bride. The two circle each other putting on a dazzling display of swordsmanship until:

MAN IN BLACK: Why are you smiling?

INIGO:  Because I know something you don’t know.

MAN IN BLACK: And what is that?

INIGO: I am not left-handed.

Okay, so it’s an odd reference and a strange comparison. But, watching ISWH put up huge growth and turn profitable before getting its CBD line into gear could be a similar story. In other words, maybe we ain’t seen nothin’ yet from these guys.

But it will take something to trigger that horse into gear.

Hot Off the Press

It’s possible that “something” just entered the picture this morning with the company’s announcement of major branding, marketing, and distribution partner. This is arguably what every wannabe CBD player really needs to stand out. And now, ISWH might have that big leg up.

Specifically, the company just announced a forthcoming agreement for the appointment of an exclusive manufacturing and marketing partner for the launch of five CBD-based wellness products, which will include a comprehensive branding refresh for the company’s P19 CBD-based products brand.

“While we cannot fully disclose the identity of the counterparty in this Agreement, we can state that this is a well-known, nationally respected firm that has in-house access to cutting edge technology and a competitive, nationwide marketing and distribution footprint,” stated Terry Williams, CEO of ISWH.

According to the release, we will find out the answer very soon because the company says it is working to expedite the signing of the final agreement. Once in place, all details will be revealed. Until that point – days? – the risk of some sort of issue caused by blow-back from interested parties on one side or the other of this bet is too great and there’s no sense in risking derailment of such an important deal.

The company goes on to note some specifics that should be stated here: “According to terms thus far established, the Partner will provide ISWH with procurement of five (5) trademarks, five (5) brand custom websites (each with online sales and payment processing system), five (5) brand social platforms (namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and five (5) brand POP, POS sales & marketing guides.”

In other words, this is a comprehensive rebirth of P19 with all the advantages of a big branded campaign on a national scale. The sword is in the right hand now.

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