Why the Image Protect Inc. (OTCMKTS:IMTL) Massively Expanded KodakOne Partnership is So Important

This is now the biggest thing happening in the biggest market you never really noticed. And investors can benefit by taking a look now before the crowd figures out the math involved here.

Good news keeps rolling out of the landmark strategic partnership between KodakOne and Image Protect Inc. (OTCMKTS:IMTL). This is an extremely interesting market dynamic because the two companies are combining forces in one of the biggest and least exploited markets on the planet: digital image rights protection.

We have all regularly been “bad actors” in our daily lives. We take the pictures we want, and we generally give no thought to the folks who actually own the rights to those images.

But IMTL and KodakOne are working to protect those rights and looking to make enormous returns for their stakeholders in the process.

The two entities joined forces a few months ago to secure a new leadership position in the rapidly growing cloud-based digital rights management space, which, according to a recent ResearchNReports study, is projected to grow from a shade under a half-billion dollars three years ago to just over $2.5 billion by 2025.

The original deal was geared to lock down about $5 million in revenues. But the most recent announcement suggests this number is going to be well shy of the mark.


The “What”

Specifically, the companies just announced a significant expansion in the terms of the that partnership to include digital image rights infringement cases inside of the United States domestic market. According to the company’s release, the Partnership had previously been structured for non-US international case settlement only. But now, it’s so much more.

“This is a large expansion in the scope of our initial Partnership with KodakOne,” commented Matthew Goldman, CEO of Image Protect. “The US infringement case load is a major addition to the flow of settlement opportunities.”

According to the release, as a result of the expanded scope of the Partnership, the Company has agreed to transfer data representing US client cases through an API system encompassing roughly 700,000 additional images and approximately 300,000 additional infringement sightings. The partnership, which originally targeted only International Infringement cases and was expected to be limited to approximately $5 million in associated revenues, according to projections made by the KodakOne team at the time of signing.

The additional case load associated with the US domestic infringement market is expected to significantly expand all facets of the Partnership, including that $5 million projection.

“Our philosophy is pretty straight forward here: when something has obviously become a working formula, do more of it,” continued Mr. Goldman. “We took a look at how well this relationship was working, particularly in terms of how seamlessly we have adapted in the back-end platform technology, and the integration just seemed like a natural evolution to expand the size and scope to include a larger piece of the market.”


The Upshot

IMTL was already staging itself to be a leader in the image rights market with its revolutionary new Fotofy Platform, a digital image sharing and monetization platform that forms the core of the Company’s in-image ad model.

But this new expanded Kodak relationship will work to add some quick and easy cash flows coming in the door to support that bigger vision, which not only drives the numbers higher, but may make the ultimate difference.


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