Why ISWH Could be a Major Opportunity for New Investors

It’s not easy to make a credible case for a triple-zero sub-penny pink sheet stock as a sound investment. I get that. But, get over it. That’s what we’re doing here today because, at least in this case, it makes sense.

Let’s start with this fact: International Spirits & Wellness Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ISWH) has pressure on the financing side and with servicing debt, like any sub-penny play with a big vision and a lack of traction on the investor sentiment side of the equation.

Markets are ruthless in taking their pound of flesh for failing the popularity contest that’s always in play from bell to bell, day in and day out. But, by the end of this year, according to all reasonable analysis of all available data, the company will be profitable on a gross basis for three consecutive quarters, with better than 100% sales growth on a sequential basis across three totally different lines of business.

That’s simply an uncommon level of execution. There really isn’t any counter-argument to those claims, unless you want to indulge in FUD for FUD’s sake.

The Jack of Diamonds

ISWH seems, on its face, to be a bit of a “jack of all trades, but master of none”, which is likely part of why the story has been left for dead by the market. But, if you look a little under the surface, that really isn’t a fair interpretation. First off, the company’s Spirits segment centers around Besado – an award-winning top-shelf tequila that tends to see a major sales boost in the final three months of the year. That means, all in all, it is a master of that category of business, at least through year-end.

Second, its CBD products brand, P19, has a number of advantages, including an important strategic partnership to grant it nano-infusion, marketing, and distribution with a market-leading platform on board. And all of this just really got underway in full swing. So, we’ll see how that progresses from here. But even if you aren’t the master of the CBD space, the space itself is growing at such an incredible clip that there’s a wide margin for success.

Finally, the company’s Home Healthcare segment has posted nearly 15,000% growth on the topline over the past 6 months. So, I’m not exactly sure how you choose to define “success” or “mastery”, but whatever that is, it certainly isn’t “failure” or “mediocracy”.

The Fundamental Equation

At the end of the day, the company is now securely profitable on an operational basis.

That’s generally all the market will care about over time. If there are liabilities, they can be solved. So long as the underlying model works, in an abstract sense, and in action in recent history.

Right now, investors see a stock that isn’t acting like a champion, so they assume the company must not be winning. But every great investment opportunity starts out exactly like that.


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