SKDI Steps Onto the Global Stage as a Major CBD Play

Date : November 7, 2019


New Opportunity:  Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (OTCMKTS:SKDI)

  • Fully Executed LOI to Acquire Award Winning CBD-infusion/products Leader
  • SDKI instantly becomes MM revs CBD Player with Nationwide Distribution
  • Aggressive M&A strategy with means to assumer Leadership Position in 900% CAGR industry
  • Float under 1M shares according to


The CBD boom is truly one of the most clear-cut examples of an organic market expansion that you will ever come across in ten lifetimes. It’s a rare economic phenomenon, but beautiful to watch… and even more beautiful to capitalize on.

The first time someone realized coffee beans were pretty awesome 600 years ago in Yemen and Ethiopia, there wasn’t a very big market for it. But, at some point, it caught on. If they had an internet in 1485 AD, there would have been a Starbucks in every dune by 1505.

Similarly, a small niche market for CBD has existed for many years. But, suddenly, everyone has started to gradually catch onto the idea that “CBD is awesome!”

While I say “everyone”, it’s actually still just in the very early innings of the true process of “mainstreaming”. When you see the McCBD Sandwich at McDonalds, you’ll know we’re in the late innings. That’s maybe a couple years out at this point. Right now, we’re just barely cracking the surface of “select Walgreen’s locations”.

That’s the perfect time to invest: once the hurdle has been jumped to wedge open the door to big-brand chain stores, but before the stuff is truly everywhere.

However, the trick at this stage is to avoid the already over-hyped names in the space – the stocks that everyone already knows about as “the big obvious CBD plays”. That’s why we want to turn your attention to a brand new flavor that the crowd definitely has not discovered yet: Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (OTCMKTS:SKDI).

This is the one that everyone will be talking about next week and next month. This is the CBD stock that’s just popped out of nowhere with a leading brand name, over 110 distribution partners across 20-plus states in the US, a wide selection of products that have already received major awards, and a revenue number that just went from zero to a million-plus in a day.

SKDI is the bolt of lightning out of a clear blue sky. And the crowd doesn’t know yet.

Symbol:  SKDI
Company:  Sun Kissed Industries Inc.
Latest News:

Who is SKDI

That’s an awfully good question. Based on this morning’s press release from the company, SKDI is just about to be the publicly traded vehicle for one of Southern California’s most respected and celebrated high-end CBD products brands – Hakuna Supply.

You may have heard of Hakuna when the company won the prestigious DOPE Magazine Award two years ago. That honor could be joined by another biggie because the company was just nominated for the crème de la crème of CBD honors: “Best Hemp-Derived CBD Product” by the California cannabis awards.

Hakuna offers award-winning high-end CBD-based products, including CBD Hemp Roast Coffees, CBD Coffee Bundles, CBD Tea Bundles, CBD Drink Drops, CBD Gummies, CBD Flower, a range of premium CBD Teas, and other premium products.

And, as noted above, the company is already sitting on a distribution footprint that includes a massive number of retail locations across the US, including many major metropolitan areas, with big presence out West, in the Southwest, in the Pacific Northwest, throughout the Midwest, up both coasts, in New England and New York, and dotted throughout the buzzing Florida market.

That whole CBD story now trades under the SKDI, subject to the crossing of some T’s and dotting of some I’s over the next two weeks as a Definitive Agreement comes into firm and manifest existence.

The “Target” – as Hakuna is now known to be – is pulling in over a million bucks on the topline. The company also produces and sells a marijuana storage box line with state-of-the-art features.

Recent Catalysts

This list is pretty darn short because Sun Kissed hasn’t really done anything but sleep on the chart for a few months until a few days ago, when out of the blue, the company’s CEO, Carl Grant, came out and hit the wires with a letter to the company’s shareholders that – shall we say – left little to the imagination:

“We have been quiet in recent months, but a lot of action has been going on under the surface. Significant announcements are forthcoming as we aggressively pursue an immediate acquisition that will position the Company as an emerging leader in the CBD products marketplace. We are already in advanced stages of negotiation with a very promising high-growth target.”

He went on to frame a strategic thesis with obvious implications:

According to our own analysis, most of this 2019 growth is stacking toward the back half of the year following steps taken by big-brand mainstream retailers, like Kroger’s, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite-Aid, and others, to start placing CBD-based products on their physical store shelves. That has taken the CBD industry out of the shadows of backwater ecommerce portals on the internet and put it squarely in front of consumers as they go about their typical shopping day.

These are huge brands that dominate the chain-store shopping experience for most Americans. We expect this to be just the tip of the iceberg. As more big brands follow suit, the accelerating growth curve will build to a fever picture over coming quarters.

As such, we have put in place a strong strategy for carving out a dominant presence in a highly differentiated niche inside of the broader CBD marketplace. The first step will be taken via a meaningful M&A move on the immediate horizon. Keep an eye out for more details in the days that follow.”

Hence, it should come as no surprise now this morning to see the big bomb drop:

Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (OTCMKTS:SKDI), an emerging player in the CBD marketplace, is thrilled to announce the Signing of a Letter of Intent to acquire Hakuna Supply/Products Group, Inc., a premier revenue-generating CBD-based products company located in California with over 110 established retail distribution partners across over 20 states in the domestic US market.

“This is the deal we have been hunting to thrust Sun Kissed onto the global CBD products market stage in a major way,” commented Carl Grant, Sun Kissed CEO. “Hakuna is a well-respected private market leader in CBD-based products with a massive well-established distribution footprint. The company is already a major player in the space with considerable reach and will deliver over a million dollars in immediate revenue for Sun Kissed on a forward basis.”

It’s also important to note that the fully-executed LOI agreement directs a purchase of 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of Hakuna through a definitive stock purchase agreement by Sun Kissed on or before November 22, 2019.

Technical Analysis

As noted above, up until a few days ago, the stock has been relatively dormant. Expect that to change in a big way now that the strategy is revealed.

Float here is tiny at well under a million shares according to This is a thin stock, so it could shoot the moon once the crowd finds it.

About SKDI

SKDI (Sun Kissed Industries Inc.) is an emerging leader in the CBD-based products marketplace.

The Company is pursuing meaningful acquisitions as part of an aggressive M&A strategy designed to position Sun Kissed as a dominant player in a well-defined, high-growth niche within the rapidly expanding CBD sector.

Key Points:

  • SKDI just issued a fully-executed LOI to scoop up Hakuna, an award-winning, MM rev CBD products leader
  • SKDI will become a nationwide leader in CBD-based high-end consumables with over 110 distribution partners across 20+ US states
  • SKDI products will be top nominee for prestigious awards
  • SKDI trades on a float of under 1MM shares according to
  • SKDI goes from dormant to leading player in 900% CAGR booming industry overnight


The story for SKDI is now simple and easy to understand. Once the definitive agreement is signed and sealed, this is going to be a major player in a high-growth niche within the larger CBD boom.

Research firm MRFR sees the global CBD market growing at better than 125% annually through 2026. Brightfield Group joins in this view, adding that 2019 alone will show over 900% expansion in total sales of CBD-based products across all related product groups.

With this tiny float in play, once the crowds notices this Bolt from the Blue transition, it could be tough to catch up to it. Early speculators have a change to get in front of that dynamic if they act quickly.

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