$RXMD Growing by Leaps… and Joining the Global Fight Against Wuhan Coronavirus

The global alarm driven by the recent aggressive outbreak of the new 2019-nCoV virus – aka the “Wuhan Flu” or “Wuhan Coronavirus” – is evident wherever you go or whatever you click on for news coverage. The story is saturating global media and people are genuinely scared, even in areas where the disease has yet to appear.

In China, public transportation is shutting down in major cities, flights are being canceled, businesses are closing down Chinese units for the time being, and international travel into and out of China is grinding to a halt.

The disease has now appeared in as many as 15 countries around the world. The death toll has risen to 132 inside China, with over 6,000 confirmed cases of infection as of Wednesday, which is a growth rate now above 1k new cases a day. The Wuhan Flu will clearly surpass the SARS epidemic of 2003, and the WHO is likely to classify it as a world health emergency over coming days.

Amid the panic and pain, one company is stepping up to the plate to provide critical educational and informational support for people worried about this frightening epidemic and looking for sound advice geared toward avoiding infection or responding to concerning symptoms: Progressive Care Inc. (OTCMKTS:RXMD).

The company is an emerging leader as a platform healthcare innovator and an established force in the pharmacy care space through its PharmCo segment.

Progressive Care just announced this morning that it stands ready to field inquiries and provide support and resources for anyone in need of help related to 2019-nCoV and its spread. The company also included in its release some educational materials helping people understand the basics of the disease and what steps they can take to avoid infection if cases are spotted in their communities.

Building Momentum

We wanted to focus on this story because RXMD is also a stock we see as a very exciting for prospective investors. The company has been posting exceptional growth data in recent months and has announced plans for expansion and a likely uplisting of shares onto the Nasdaq or NYSE later this year.

In its recent letter to shareholders, the CEO noted that, “Above and beyond these goals, my vision for the future will require an evolution into a new and more scalable kind of healthcare company. We have been seeking a platform upon which we can build a unique telemedicine product. We are currently in discussions related to achieving this goal and we strongly feel such a product will play a key role for us in the future.”

Telehealth is one of the most exciting frontier markets emerging on the scene right now, and RXMD may be extremely well-placed to push into a leadership role in this theme, which would likely position the stock for a wider price-to-sales multiple given the expansion in scalability. Right now, the stock trades well below 1x sales, which is extremely cheap, with most pharmacy plays trading around 2-2.5x sales, and cloud technology names trading closer to 8-10x sales – some much higher than that.

If this is moving into a hybrid health technology and pharmacy model, then we would expect it to move closer to 4-5x sales, which suggests a 300-500% rally in shares ahead. Hence our enthusiasm.

And the move to align itself as a positive force helping folks take a proactive and preventative mindset on the Wuhan Coronavirus threat is a nice move as well.


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