Major New Partnership Set to Fuel ISWH?

ISWH might just be the most interesting triple-zero sub-penny stock you’ll come across this year or next. But, based on a thorough analysis, it may not be at this bargain-basement price for much longer. We aren’t trying to hype the situation. It’s just interesting how wide the disparity seems to be between how the company is doing and how the stock is doing.

And that disparity just got even wider with the company’s announcement last week that it just signed a strategic partnership with one of the nation’s leading CBD branding and formulation specialists, BioPulse Labs.

Taking a step back, the BioPulse partnership is a strong way to soup up the company’s CBD segment, but that’s just one spoke in a three-spoke wheel.

International Spirits & Wellness Holdings, Inc. (ISWH) is a diversified brand incubator with operations in two primary divisions, together spanning the Spirits, Home Healthcare Services, and CBD-Based Products markets worldwide.

The Spirits Division imports, licenses, and markets premium beverage brands, with sales of innovative products and brands, including its award-winning premium Besado Tequila brand.

The Company’s Home Healthcare Services segment provides care for clients in need of healthcare and caretaking services outside of established medical facilities. The Company continues to increase both its fleet of caretakers providing services and its total clientele.

The CBD-Based Products segment is focused on reshaping the CBD products market through state-of-the-art nanotechnology processes, developing a wide range of nano-infused CBD gummies and beverages formulations for sale under the “P19” brand designation. This line of products is formulated and marketed in partnership with BioPulse Labs, a leader in cutting-edge CBD nano-infusion formulation technology and CBD-based product brand development.

The company has also partnered with Bengala Technologies in the development and commercialization of enterprise and B2B software technology products targeting the logistics and supply-chain marketplace.

That’s a wide spread. It should also be understood that the Spirits segment is on pace for possibly one of its best quarters in company history and the Home Healthcare segment has posted nearly 15,000% growth on the topline over the past 6 months.

So, if the company gets a big spark underway in the CBD segment, then those three zeroes after that dot are likely going to be history.

And there’s every to believe that’s exactly what we’re going to see. BioPulse knows what they’re doing. It’s effectively a “refresh” for the company’s CBD business with a market leader acting as a key player in the process. We should also note that this will create a base of production that consumers will be able to trust given the FDA-compliant facilities that BioPulse brings to the equation.

Terry Williams, CEO of ISWH, commented, “BioPulse has the experience and capability to step in and help take our CBD-based products segment to a new level as we navigate this critical stage and transform enormous potential into accelerating revenue growth. This step will position our P19 brand as a differentiated product, both in terms of product quality through superior bioavailability and in terms of brand recognition, given BioPulse’s nationwide marketing and distribution footprint.”

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