Is $NUGL Consolidation Over?

New Trade Alert: NUGL Inc. (NUGL)

NUGL is a “cannabis search app” connecting “cannabis companies, related vertical services and users.”

The NUGL app on both “iOS and Android” offers “equal and unbiased search results” featuring “genuine user-rated dispensaries, strains, doctors, lawyers, cannabis service providers, vape shops, hydro stores, brands and more”.

Not only has the industry witnessed a remarkable 2018, but NUGL has experienced multiple new developments that showcase the company’s growth and potential.

Just in the past few months NUGL has announced a number of new developments including:

On October 30th, NUGL announced that it was expanding its “Operations and Footprint” with the following comments from the CEO:

“We are growing fast, and November is the month to start monetizing our growth. We are creating a massive digital footprint with the acquisition of two magazines underway and the launch of NUGL Magazine. Our digital footprint offers something for all types of cannabis enthusiasts and the NUGL software is at the heart of all of it,” said Ryan Bartlette, CMO of

On November 13th, NUGL announced the following:

“NUGL Acquires Two Popular Cannabis and Growing Properties, Adds Veteran Investor Relations Firm”

NUGL “finalized an all-stock agreement to acquire Nichols Publishing. The deal adds “Professional Marijuana Grower” and “Garden and Greenhouse” to NUGL’s expanding media footprint. Nichols Publishing will become NUGL Media Group and its founder Robin Nichols will serve as its new president and take an active role in launching NUGL Magazine as well as identifying new media property opportunities.”

Here are comments from the CEO regarding the deal:

“We are elated to add these two popular media properties to the NUGL universe and to expand our ability to help cannabis brands reach their target markets,” said Brandon Vargas, CEO, NUGL, Inc.”

“We are growing rapidly in both readers and influence and will look to monetize and leverage these respected publications to the benefit of NUGL and its shareholders. Having Robin Nichols in-house and alongside CMO Ryan Bartlette is a true catalyst to our own organic expansion.”

A few weeks ago on November 27th, the company announced a “Broad Launch Into the Cannabis Industry”, stating:

“NUGL intends to penetrate the market in a significant way, bypassing the conventional ways of the cannabis industry markets. With three growing, influential publications and software with proprietary and unparalleled networking features, NUGL is positioning itself for rapid expansion in 2019.”

NUGL has a history of experiencing significant volatility.

Just in the past 3 months, NUGL rallied from as low as 1.10 to a high of 2.64 a month later for gains of 140%.

Since this massive rally NUGL has been consolidating between its 20 and 50 day moving averages.

In the event that NUGL continues to hold above its 20 day moving average and rallies above its 50 day moving average, this could present further increased gain potential.

Moreover, NUGL has a RSI of 45, suggesting the opportunity for further increased upside potential.

NUGL presents a potentially compelling trade opportunity, which could continue to attract increased interest from Wall Street as more investors become familiar with the company.

If you agree, don’t miss this opportunity.

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