IMTL Steps Closer to Tangible Revenues with Launch of In-Image Ad Network
  • Company launches revolutionary In-Image Ad Network to Disrupt Digital Image Market
  • A rush of Form 4’s were disclosed yesterday showing large insider buying by top execs at the Company

For small-caps just getting traction in a new and interesting market space, the big question that drives the action is often about the timeline to serious money coming in the door.

With San Clemente-based Image Protect (OTC:IMTL), the answer is starting to clarify itself as the company checks off the boxes toward monetizing its enormously interesting Fotofy strategy.

The Fotofy Image Marketplace and the Fotofy In-Image Ad Platform are one and the same brilliant idea. The strategy represents a win-win for the owners of the rights to digital images and users looking for high-quality digital images for web design, social media, and any myriad of use cases online.

As we understand it, the platform is already off and running with powerful traction, and the company is moving closer and closer to booking revenues as it positions itself to take a piece of the action on every ad placed in its network.

This morning, the company announced a major step along that path with the launch of its ad network, meaning that it can now begin displaying third-party in-image advertisements in embedded overlay format in any image uploaded to its Fotofy Image Marketplace repository.

“This achievement represents a significant step toward translating our Fotofy strategy into tangible revenue growth,” commented Matthew Goldman, CEO of Image Protect. “We already have strong prepotency in place due to a rapidly progressing development timeline and very strong organic user growth on the Fotofy Platform. The Ad Network unleashes a powerful new capacity for monetizing this progress in the form of incoming cash flow for our shareholders.”

That’s particularly important given the size and growth of the market context that defines this opportunity. As noted in the release, recent market research from eMarketer now forecasts all-time record global digital ad spending in 2019, with total spending jumping 17.6% year-over-year to $333.25 billion, pushing digital ad spending up to account for roughly half of all global ad spending for the first time in history.

Inside of this dynamic, the in-image ad market is set to top $50 billion in 2019 and continues to grow rapidly, creating a powerful context for the Company’s newly developed technology.

This announcement comes just days after the Company’s announced launch of its innovative Fotofy Analytics Dashboard, giving platform participants unprecedented insight into the performance of their uploaded images on the Fotofy system.

We would also note the large insider buying earlier this week, suggesting that the top brass at Image Protect expect big things from the Fotofy strategy, and likely understand that a series of similarly exciting catalysts are on the way.

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