IMTL on Breakout Watch After Launching “Killer App” Functionality for Rapidly Growing Fotofy Platform

Image Protect Inc (OTCMKTS:IMTL) shares have been in focus in recent days as the stock blasts off from low levels on monstrous volume following a series of positive developments, including the elevation of strong prospects in its $5 million KODAKOne strategic partnership and the highly successful launch of its much-anticipated Fotofy Image Marketplace and In-Image Ad platform.

Traders also noted Form 4 filings pointing to significant insider buying by executives in recent weeks, suggesting shares had become undervalued according to those with the greatest insight into operations and the prospects of the company.

This morning, that energy could reach a fever pitch as the company announces the launch of new technology that promises to massively augment the success of its new platform by allowing users to “monitor and monetize” images uploaded to the platform.

“This is the killer app that unlocks the power of Fotofy,” commented Matthew Goldman, CEO of Image Protect. “The power of this platform is in the user’s hands now, and that means the power to upload images and watch them go viral across the web, track them as they are used and shared, and then open them up as an advertisement platform to drive revenues and monetize the image. There’s nothing like this out there.”

According to the company, the Fotofy Dashboard lets image rightsholders using Fotofy to track

  • Total Collected – How many of your images have been accessed for sharing
  • Total Views – How many views they have garnered
  • Total Impressions – How many impressions
  • Total Embeds – How many times your images have been embedded on other sites
  • Total Revenues – How much ad revenue you have earned
  • Total Followers – How many followers you have gained on the Fotofy Platform
  • Total Following – How many other image creators you are following as well

“This is how a personal image library becomes a business for the casual photographer, and how professional photographers and image creators can expand with no risk of infringement,” continued Mr. Goldman. “And image users end up with a giant repository of free high-quality images for use and sharing as a result. Everybody wins. The launch of this new functionality is a huge moment for Fotofy. This is how it really gets going. And the timing couldn’t be better.”

The company also noted in the release that the Fotofy strategy is bolstered by overall spending and global growth in the digital ad space, which is the target market for this functionality. According to the release, Image Protect execs point to recent market research from eMarketer that forecasts 2019 to be an all-time record in global digital ad spending, with total spending jumping 17.6% year-over-year to $333.25 billion, pushing digital ad spending up to account for roughly half of all global ad spending for the first time in history.


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