How $AGHI Could Benefit From the New US-China Trade Deal

With the US and China rapidly approaching the signing of a new trade deal, markets are getting ready to re-embrace the wonders of growth in global logistics, and Agora Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:AGHI) could be an interesting way to participate in that idea.
In many ways, trade is the most powerful source of growth because it enables efficiencies by allowing a complementarity between diverse parts of the global economy. As such, the value opportunity that we find most interesting is in companies that offer B2B services that allow for new ways to participate in the upside. AGHI, through its eSilkroad platform, is just a prospect.
Agora Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: AGHI), as part of its new share exchange agreement with eSilknet, is now likely moving into the B2B social network business.
The concept of eSilknet is in line with the original concept of the “silkroad”, facilitating trade and commerce between countries, only a global scale. As a part of eSilkroad, it allows you to solve all the key issues of international business activity in one single place online. eSilknet provides for a quick, cheap, and efficient interaction among organizations across the world.
According to company materials, the platform allows users to search for and communicate with business partners in Silk Road countries, search for and post sell/buy trade propositions and investment projects, promote and be informed about international business and cultural events.
eSilknet users can use Search function to search for something or someone corresponding to their business interests: people, companies, non-profit organizations, events, trade “sell” and “buy” offers, investment opportunities, publications. Yet, users can still opt to receive relevant trade/investment offers generated by the network automatically, instead of or besides using Search.

A Rejuvenated Trade Environment
To further flesh out the story, the company recently announced that its controlled subsidiary, eSilkroad Network Limited of Hong Kong, has completed prototype testing and focus groups during January and early February 2019, whereby over 300 corporations were exposed to our landing page prototypes.
According to the release, “with testing complete, ESR has retained Sannacode ( to conclude programming of our final platform. Sannacode is a multi-disciplinary company that specializes in web design and development. Sannacode designs, develops, tests and maintains digital products ranging from web, mobile, games and wearable technologies. Headquartered in Kiev, Sannacode works with companies in every continent around the world. Their management team reflects the talent and focus to bring clarity to corporate visions including creating customized solutions for ESR. The Sannacode team offers a combined 30 years of experience in design, development and testing.”
ESR President Oleg Sytnyk commented, “We are extremely excited to be working with Sannacode to complete the final phase of our platform development. Their firm is uniquely qualified to deliver the high level of functionality and design we wish to present in our final commercial site.”
The stock is now testing key support in the region of $0.06/share, with plenty of new volume coming that could represent accumulation as new market participants look to plant a flag in this company as an emerging player in the rejuvenated global logistics backdrop that is sure to come into being following the signing of the trade deal.

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