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Today, we would like to bring to your attention a new trade opportunity.

This little known company could be positioned for incredible growth.

New Trade Alert: BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. (BRTX)

Have you ever experienced back pain?

Regardless of your age, back pain is a much bigger problem than you might initially think.

Back pain can affect people of all ages, from adolescents to the elderly.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, “about 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time”.

This is a massive number of people that are suffering from this problem.

But it’s even more frightening than that…

“Worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability”.

According to a UNC study, “more than 80 percent of Americans will experience an episode of low back pain at some time in their lives”.

Plus, “low-back pain costs Americans at least $50 billion in health care costs each year – add in lost wages and decreased productivity and that figure easily rises to more than $100 billion.”

Still, the problem persists.

Current treatments “including opioid pain relievers, steroid injections, and physical therapy – simply manage pain, ignoring the root causes of the problem”. 

PBS recently had a headline: “How the back pain industry is taking patients for an unhealthy ride”

“Many patients reluctantly progress to surgical interventions, which are highly invasive and clinical outcomes have demonstrated limited, if any, therapeutic benefits.”

This presents a large market opportunity for those companies that are finding potential solutions for this growing health crisis.

“Smaller biotechs, with new technologies and creative, focused approaches” “have proven better at discovering new drugs than large pharma.”

In fact, “big pharma has long been licensing and acquiring R&D assets from outside.”

One of these small overlooked companies, which could have a tremendously positive impact, is our new trade alert – BRTX.

BRTX “is actively developing programs that aim to dramatically increase quality of care for both (i) chronic back pain caused by disc degeneration, as well as (ii) metabolic disorders including obesity and diabetes.”

BRTX’s “advances in stem cell biology and delivery protocols harbor great promise in conditioning our bodies’ own regenerative potential to treat major diseases more effectively than current interventions.”

The company’s “two core programs” are “BRTX-100” and “ThermoStem®”.

“BRTX-100 is a novel product to treat damaged, degenerating discs, and is anticipated to be safer, cheaper, and more effective upon a single treatment.”

“Specifically, BRTX-100 is an autologous stem cell product that uses your own stem cells that are harvested, cultured, and then injected directly into the affected disc to start the repair process.”

The company “received authorization from the Food and Drug Administration to commence a Phase 2 clinical trial using BRTX-100 to treat persistent lower back pain due to painful degenerative discs”.

In addition, the company’s “ThermoStem® program” “uses brown adipose-derived (“brown fat”) stem cells to generate new brown fat tissue”.

“This population of fat is known to burn, rather than store, energy.  Elevated levels of brown fat have been demonstrated to increase metabolism and facilitate weight loss.”

Similar to back pain, “obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and certain heart related disorders, have long been seen as contributing to a pandemic in the US”.

According to the company, “40% of Americans are obese; 30% have type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, and half of Americans have at least one major risk factor for heart disease”.

BioRestorative Therapies was one of the first companies to identify and publish data about this novel stem cell population.”

This unique approach could provide BRTX with an advantage in trying to successfully address these health problems.

But why now? Why should you care?

Unfortunately, pain has become a national health emergency, resulting in the opioid epidemic in the US.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “every day, more than 130 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids” while “roughly 21 to 29 percent of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse them.”

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total “economic burden” of prescription opioid misuse alone in the United States is $78.5 billion a year”.

This problem has created a new demand for non-opioid solutions for chronic pain.

As physicians curtail their use of opioids, BRTX could become more relevant than ever to investors.

Here are some of the highlights of the company’s accomplishments:

“BioRestorative Therapies Receives Notice of Allowance for Key Metabolic Patent in the United States”

As the company stated in that press release:

“This will be the fourth patent issued for the Company’s brown fat metabolic program, and follows a patent issued to the Company in the United States in September 2015, Australia in April 2017, and Japan in December 2017.”

“Mark Weinreb, CEO of BioRestorative, commented, “This Notice of Allowance on our patent application in the United States is significant in that it offers protection for the specific cell line we have identified for our metabolic product to be used in future pre-clinical/clinical testing. The Allowance and future issuance of the patent adds to a growing strong family of issued patents and patent applications for our metabolic ThermoStem® program.”

Subsequently, BRTX announced:

“BioRestorative Therapies Announces the Creation of a Disc Advisory Committee”

“Jason Lipetz, MD, Chairman of the Disc Advisory Committee, said, “It has been a privilege to have known and worked with each of these individuals over the past decades.  We are honored to have them contribute to our advisory board, and their combined surgical and nonsurgical expertise in treating lumbosacral disc related pain will undoubtedly strengthen our efforts as we embark upon our phase 2 clinical trial and for years to come.””

“Wayne Marasco, MD, Ph.D., Chairman of the BioRestorative Therapies Scientific Advisory Board, commented, “Dr. Jason Lipetz has recruited a prestigious team of spine experts.  This SAB subcommittee will provide outstanding leadership and guidance to BRTX as we move toward initiation of our clinical trial for our lead BRTX-100 autologous stem cell product.””

Most recently, the company announced:

“BioRestorative Therapies Signs $5.4 Million Financing with Institutional Investor”

Here are the company’s comments from this press release:

“We welcome Arena Investors LP to our dedicated team of investors,” said Mark Weinreb, CEO of BioRestorative.  “We are committed to improving the lives of patients suffering from chronic lower back pain and metabolic diseases.  This funding will enable us to increase our investment in clinical evidence development and ultimately bring our unique technologies through the FDA pathway and to patients and clinicians.  We are grateful for the new and continued support from our investor partners.”

This demonstrates that the company is potentially well suited for the future and could be overlooked by markets.

In August, BRTX reached a low of 0.19 and since then has consistently bounced higher from this level.

In the event of a breakout above its 50 day moving average (DMA) of 0.30, BRTX presents what could be an opportunity for increased upside potential.

BRTX has a large gap of more than 86% between its 50 and 200 DMA, which has in the past provided increased upside opportunity.

Furthermore, BRTX has a RSI (relative strength index) of only 48, historically suggestive of increased gain potential.

BRTX could be a hidden gem positioned to breakout higher.

Make sure to do your own due diligence.

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Happy Trading!

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