AllStar Health Brands Inc. (ALST) Shares Could be Triggered By Another Wave of Coronavirus Cases

Last week, a second wave of coronavirus cases triggered more restrictions in various countries in the European union.  AllStar Health other blogs

As worries about the coronavirus pandemic and negotiations in Washington between republicans and democrats over another major stimulus package for struggling workers and businesses continue to weigh on sentiment, penny stocks have proven to be outstanding profit vehicles for short term traders. Investing in penny stocks in the fall is more advantageous to investors as liquidity and share volume rises.

The kind of volatility seen in the last couple of weeks in ALST shares isn’t unusual for a company trading in the OTC market, with that said, ALST is highly susceptible to volatile swings due to its tiny float.

AllStar health brands believes that given the high Covid-19 infection rates around the world, and the ability to set up the QuikLAB testing modules at almost any location, the QuikLAB option may be part of the solution in combating the effects of this pandemic.

The QuikLAB testing modules offer a fast, complete testing option, at a rapid throughput, – up to 50 tests/hour, using either the PCR or antibody tests or both currently available on the market. The goal is to provide results within minutes to a few short hours, so appropriate treatment or isolation protocols can be recommended based on the results of the testing.”

AllStar Health plans to provide several options for FDA, EUA-approved rapid Covid-19 anti-body tests, and PCR tests for the TPT Medtech QuikLab modules.

After announcing advanced negotiations in Florida for up to three QuikLAB mobile testing units, the company announced Delivery of Initial Order of Equipment and Test Kits to Apogee Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Daniel Bagi, President of AllStar  Health remarked,” We are very excited to have delivered our initial order to Apogee Pharmaceuticals. AllStar Health fully expects follow-up orders for both the equipment and the test kits to fulfill Apogee Pharmaceuticals’ needs. In parallel we believe increased Covid-19 testing is the way of the future, especially as the pressure to re-open the economy increases. We offer several testing options including Point-of Care Antibody tests, PCR tests and we expect to soon have an antigen test available to our clients.”

Healthcare stocks had had a strong performance during the midst of the pandemic, and many analysts expect it to remain so, largely driven by solid fundamental catalysts.

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